Yom Kippur

Yom Kippur, also known as the Day of Atonement, is the holiest day of the year in Judaism. Its central themes are atonement and repentance. Jews traditionally observe this holy day with an approximate 25-hour period of fasting and intensive prayer, often spending most of the day in synagogue services.

Date: Tue, Oct 8, 2019 – Wed, Oct 9, 2019

Observances: Fasting, prayer, abstaining from physical pleasures, refraining from work

Significance: Atonement for personal and national sins, fate of each person is sealed for the upcoming year

Observed by: Jews, Samaritans

I could feel it coming..... like a tidal wave had just come through and swept all the old seaweed up off the sand. After the tide subsided, I felt like things were going to be alright. A new Jewish year, a new me, a new revival, a new refreshing in the spirit. The total accomplishments were being realized; a new era was coming into play.

As time progresses, when we are rolling with the tides, there is room for growth. Letting go of the door knob is key... what we are ready for is handed to us in an opportunity; we can either take it, or leave it. It's a choice... yet the Lord is patient and will revisit that place once more after just a short while. It's like the same tides of the seasons can come through and if you fail to flow with it then you can't move forward. If you live the same way each and every day then you won't see what the Lord has next....

So, I invite you.... lay something down. Anything. If it's been on your heart then you know that it is the Lord's will. If you feel that it's taking precedence over other things, then lay it down. You will be surprised with which areas of the brain it opens.

This month has been the month of Yom Kippur. Opening new doors and establishing new grounds! It's an amazing endeavor and I used to live for this! Never become stagnant, never stay in the same place for too long, or you may miss exactly what the Lord has in store for you! Praying amazing feats and higher callings in each everyone's lives!


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