Utopia : Sir Thomas More

These and such like opinions have they conceived partly by education being brought up in that commonwealth whose laws and customs be far different from these kinds of folly, and partly by good literature and learning. For though there be not many in every city which be exempt and discharged of all other labors and appointed only to learning - that is to say, such in whom even from their very childhood they have perceived a singular towardness, a fine wit, and mind apt to good learning - yet all in their childhood be instructed in learning. And the better part of the people, both men and women, throughout all their whole life do bestow in learning those spare hours which we said they have vacant from bodily labors. They be taught learning in their own native tongue, for it is both copious in words and also pleasant to the ear, and for the utterance fo a man's mind very perfect and sure. The most part of all that side of the world Seth the same language, saving that among the Utopians it is finest and purest, and according to the diversity of the countries it is diversely altered.

If all these philosophers whose name be here famous in this part of the world to us known, before our coming thither, not as much as the fame of any of them was come among them. And yet in music, logic, arithmetic, and geometry they have found out in a manner all that our ancient philosophers have taught. But as they in all things be almost equal to our old ancient clerks, so our new logicians in subtle inventions have far passed and gone beyond them. For they have not devised one of all those rules of restriction, amplifications, and supposition, very wittily invented its he small logical which here our children in every place do learn.

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