The stars

When I was fifteen, my mind began wondering. It became who it was within the Holy Spirit's reasoning. What seemed to be redundant, and most absolutely boring, become a huge fascinating mental compliment. Like fingers reaching higher into the air high above, I kept searching deeper and deeper for the surprise within. When I came to conclusion, of what life was really about, I found exactly what he was trying to say, deep within Orien's Belt. I looked around, wondering if anyone could see what I had found, but the internal reasoning, was quite primarily only in deep reasoning. When we are hungry for more, we keep searching for our soul... when we are not happy within, we find exactly what he's been treasuring.

Man can not know, exactly how this should go, because words never show exactly what it can hold. Only those that are called, are perceived by his love, and those who are chosen, receive exactly what he know.

Greatly administered, for the good of the kingdom. Only when we don't stoop so low, as to fall for manipulating.

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