The Speed of Angels; Perry Stone

Ezekiel saw cherubim moving in the heavens and said they "ran and returned as the appearance of flash of lightning" (Exek. 1:14). Light travels about 186,000 miles per second. The earth is approximately 25,000 miles in cicurmference at the equator. This means that light could travel around the earth at almost 7.5 times in just one second (25,000) divided into 186,000 miles) In the earthly realm, if angels can travel at the speed of light, then they can arrive on the scene in your time of difficulty, the moment you cry, "Help!"

We need to understand that angels are splits, and walls, doors, or other objects cannot hinder or restrict spiritual beings. Only on type of "transportations" is faster than the speed of light: the speed of thought. The spirit world can travel at the speed of thought, which is presently impossible to determine. Angelic beings can be at the throne in heaven and immediately ice in the atmospher above the earth. When the angel appeared to Daniel and informed him that the answer to his prayer had been hindered by a demonic spirit for twenty-one days, the angel said, "From the first day that though didst set thing heart to understand, and to hasten thyself before they God, thy words were heard, and I am come for thy words" (Dan. 10:12). Daniel's words ascended form Babylon and were heard the same day in heaven. The angel was coming on the same day to bring the answer, but was restrained by the evil prince spirit over Persia (see Dan. 10:13) Angels can travel from the highest part of the heaven at the edge of the inversive to earth and back to simply thinking about the place they desire and need to go. (Perry Stone, Psalms in Depth commentary)

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