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I have this sense of audacity to spread the word.... The Lord has placed certain information in front of me regarding its worth;

Those who have been involved in socialism have experienced the government's control of ration-ism.

A Ted-Talks presentation, presented by a son of a family who came from Korea, spoke of his father who died of starvation simply due to the fact the government never handed enough food. He chose to allow his family to eat first. They eventually escaped and went to America, however, it was too late and is father suffered from malnutrition. He gave his life over for the well-being of servanthood.

Another story, a man from Cuba, when to buy steak, however, they would not duplicate. He said he would do anything to get out of that city, and he did with his family, quite prosperity.

So when it comes to the ways of absolute religion, never let someone try to choose or convict you over dexterity.

People who delight, in the control over other's appetite, will be lead into captivity, and out of their lime-light.

Where the spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom.

Where the true sense of the word "transparency" is there is true duplicity.

Those who are lead by the sword, will die by the sword.

Those who are lead into captivity, were those who brought others into captivity.

Those who hath not love, are nothing; as worthless as chasing the wind.

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