Over zealous...

This is something that can happen when one person falsely identifies what another is presumed to be consumed.

The fact that freedom never dwelt, the hand could never be dealt.

If someone is living in a world like the Parthenon seat, they cannot receive the perception of the saint.

We must relate in a personal matter, if we don’t, then the truth will never become real.

If you listen to someone who has no personal appeal, and their prayer was answered, what about the selfless appeal of the real? They thought they were being subservient, however, catch 22.

Which is why you must presume because if you do, quite primarily, you’ll be left in the dark. You’ll never figure out who that person is and how it felt. Eventually it will lead to rejection of prayer and just appeal.

Be cognizant of the person’s perception and find a way to relate. Then you can bring it out into someone worth the date.

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