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A recent one I managed to stumble across is called; "Dare to be Wild"

The concept of elligence and intelligence exemplified within the relationships of the personalities in this movie. It's very evident that the two women are in two different playing fields;

The first one; in complete sin, who has mastered the art of being "best". Who uses her intellect and skills to build her way up politically, getting any man she wants through the lust of the flesh and seduction. Her ultimate goal being to settle for someone who has money. This concept is empty, it's selfishly consumed, and it's a lifestyle that is all too often looked at and exemplified as ideal. However, when it comes to truth, God's divine concepts in peaceful humility, show the opposite as true. We all have heard the same story that a good girl falls for a bad guy, right? It's because satan twists the motives and the concept of relationship building becomes skewed. Rather reaching for a divine soul mate for the rest of their lives, they reach for a impulsive lust that occurs for a short time and is gone.

The second girl; though awkward and different, exemplified innocence. She developed herself and become a dream that she rightfully seated within herself. She become one with Christ, kissed by the sun, lead by the sun, and exemplified in true ambitions. Her relationships were healthy, and slow to mature, slow to grow warm, residing within humility. No intercourse, of course, just as a relationship in trust should develop. A deep found connection that was reached that only time could accomplish. Which was why God placed rules on the concepts of marriage. This is why there were long courtships that took place in the days of old. This is why people were very selective and why marriage lasted a lifetime.

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