Knowledge of Agape Love

Knowledge that transforms

Truly transformation knowledge is always personal, never merely objective. It involves knowing of, not merely knowing about. And is always relational. It grows out of relationship to the object that is to know whether this is God or one’s self. It grows out of a relationship to the object act is known - wether this is God or one’s self.

Objective knowing can occur in relation to anything that we examine at a distance. It is knowing that is independent of us. For example, you may know that Earth orbits around the sun or that Columbus arrived in the Americas in 1492 without direct personal experience of either, provided you are willing to accept the testimony of others. This is how it is with much of what we believe.

Personal knowing, on the other hand, issued on experience. It is. therefore subjective. I know that my wife loves me because of my experience of her. While I can describe her love to someone else, I cannot prove it. I cannot make it objective. Yet this does not detract form the validity of my knowing.

Because personal knowing is based on experience, it requires that we be open to the experience Knowing God’s love demands that we receive God’s love. Experientially, not simply as a theory. Personal Knowledge is never simply a matter of the head. Because it is rooted in experience, it is grounded in deep places in our being. The things we know from experience we know beyond belief. Such knowing is not incompatible with belief, but it is not dependent on it.

I do not merely believe that my wife loves me, I know she love me. And as arrogant as it may sound I can say that I do not merely believe in God, I know God - certainly not exhaustively, but nonetheless genuinely.

People who have never developed a deep personal knowing of God will be limited in the depth of their personal knowing of themselves. Failing to know God, they will be unable to know themselves, as God is the only context in which their being makes sense. Similarly, people who are afraid to look deeply at themselves will of course be equally afraid to look deeply at God. For such person, ideas about God provide a substitute for direct experience of God.

Knowing God and Knowing self are therefore interdependent. Neither can proceed very far without the other. Paradoxically, we come to know God best not by looking at God exclusively, but by looking at God and then looking at ourselves- then looking at God, and then again looking at ourselves. This is also the way we best come to known as our selves. Both God and self are mostly fully known in relationship to each other. (The Gift of Being Yourself, The sacred Call to Self-Discovery by David G. Benner)

If you watch the ways of of Native American Indians you will see them significantly ignite their internal well-being by praising and chanting around the fire with drums and flutes, you name it. If we seek that passion within through the praise and worship that's been divinely inspired, we can find an energy that does not come from anything of worldly transpire.

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