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What I have learned about myself, throughout all these reflections and experiences, is that we are all made one. Within the Holy transcendence. When we are being chiseled by the Lord God Almighty, then we don’t have to strive, we just literally become heavenly minded. He knows exactly what we think, each and every day. He knows exactly where our heart is, especially during the public sway. With all thoughts known to man, there is never a way in which to win, which is quite primarily why, we simply exist within. Those who never knew the Lord God almighty, have been subjected to the torment, however, when they have the chance to take a step back, they can find a way to dwell in it. The emotional well-being, as long as the physical well-being will be inclined for improvement, as well as the intellectual self of a complete endowment. The international shut-down, after all this is said and done, was quite primarily a teaching strategy for which we all needed to become undone. The assessment of our spiritual well-being is what’s to come to the plate. This is why he’s the one who does this in His own special way.

We are forever thankful for his amazing Grace, and we will always be vigilant throughout all historic pace. I know that we are in a time period, that our race will never forget, however, we know that it will all bring us into the ending of what he wants to ultimately accomplish. Thank you, father, for your amazing grace. I will never walk without humbleness and forever be at your beck and call. You single-mindedness is what we seek, and nobody can pull it out of us when we walk free. Where the spirit of the Lord is…there is freedom, and we will forever enjoy his heavenly reason.

Benner has some lovely comments that I just adore; “My compulsive pursuit of accomplishments and the respect of people who are important to me, tend to suffocate the life and my true identity. It has a tendency to bind and inhibit the growth which only comes from my freedom in privacy. It is important for me to remember that I am only human, and I can only “be” who he made me to “be” and I cannot “do” how when He wanted me to be in “true”. My worth only lies in who I am, and it does not exist in the palm of a human’s hand. THIS is the truth of my divine existence and inheritance. (pg. 79)

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