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The story of the book of Isaiah is primarily one of my favorites. This is because it’s significantly one of those books that portrays how our maker works. This is the sign of the times, which is quite primarily what the public is going through at the present time. Although Yahweh portrays himself as that of an angry God, he still has the way of bringing everything through to full accountability. Goldingjay significantly portrays it as a significance of the 37th chapter in setting “Restoration will follow the natural pattern. It will take a year or two to recover from devastation, destruction, death, and depopulation to get the community back up up to normality. Although he shows exactly what he is angry about, he still suggests that there will be a time where everything will come about. “You see, I said it and it happened, so it must have been me, mustn’t it?” Yahweh does not rely on the less convincing practice of offering merely retrospective explanations. (Goldingay, pg. 2001, pg. 213)

Obviously, it takes much claim to reestablish what he wants to maintain sane in humanity. Whether it be the way of the Lord, or the way of wickedness, he relates the accountability to their own private way. Those who were brought up in the ways of the unrighteous, were brought fully forth into a path of enlightenment. I love the way he shows his anger, but then as a wonderful father, he brings everything to a holy life style. 

What one thinks must be the way of the world, is switched in heaven to show exactly what one must become. The ways of man are foolish, but the ways of a child are what is accomplished. My favorite chapter would have to be 41, in which Christ subdues all things and brings them back to something as simple as a childhood. He relates his way in accordance to the gospel, in showing humanity as a relationship with the gospel. Animals are quite significantly a wonderful metaphor, in which the page of the transparency is shown as quite relatable. 

In “The Passion Translation” for the Book of Isaiah, Simmons relates; Then the wolf will be subdued, and live with the gentle lamb, and the leopard will lie down with the gentle lamb. The young calf and the ferocious lion will be together, and as a shepherd drive his flock, a small child will guide them along! The cow and the bear will graze alongside each other; cubs and calves will lie down together. 

Restoration of Judah, will be restored, however, he only offers no miracles, just an established faith that Hezekiah came to relate.  The Lord Yahweh will most certainly show mercy and he will choose to settle them in their own land, even foreigners will accompany them and join with the Jewish people. Nations will take them back to their own place, and the Jews will own their enemies as their inheritance in the land he gave. The captures will be taken captive, and they will rule over those who once oppressed them. (Isa 37:30-32) (pg. 212)

The fact that people are born a certain way, I believe God has a grace that is fully functioning. There was time for them to be shown the way, then the voice got louder to reestablish thee. The fact that the Lord has a way in which to go, he can only speak in terms of experience that he presents right in front of them. When humanity grows cold, it no longer hears what he wants to behold, which is why the significant things occur. The Lord loves his people, and promises much in store, however, this only comes through suffering and the ripping out of the strongholds that were rooted and stored. The hearts of the individuals is what he seeks, which is why the humanity is destroyed and then built back up again. This is why, when we lose our lives, we count this as exactly what he willed for our eternity instead. Life should not always be merry, because if it was, the primary would not be seeking after his love. This is why, we seek him until we die, because the Lord God almighty, lusts after our "why".  

God is a good God, and he means well to his people. Like those of Judah, he wishes no animosity. Those who were restored, were able to plant new knowledge, they found the way of life on this planet, and counted full gospel. Those lived it, sought it, and found it. They became hungry for the way in which to seek it. Those who can access his eternal love divine, found the passion of the gospel and the presence deep inside. Those who were chastened and fully came through, received an eternal blessing that effected the rest of human prove. 

No matter how hard we seek, no matter how hard we try, God has always had us under his thumb in the blink of an eye. We are brought into this world, within which to find love, and when lost his way, he showed us, just how to grow "today". He knew us before we were born, he knew us as we grew old, he wanted everything for us, to show exactly what was foretold. He sent us our missionaries, he sent us our prophets, he showed us what it was like to seek his way in life, and then showed us profits. 

At the end of the day, no matter where this country leads, the Lord God almighty is with us, every step of the way. Just like the story of Isaiah, we must reach for a tissue, when we hear just how much he loved us, without any personal issue. He knew exactly what experiences, he knew exactly what he would ensue, he knew exactly what we were thinking, and exactly what we would pursue. We don't plan for tomorrow, nor take hold of sorrow, because when we take our thoughts captive, we find the faith, in which to borrow. We stay in that faith, until our dying day, and he promises he will be there for us, every step of the way. 

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