Bill Johnson; waiting on the Lord

Giving birth is an intense "focus" and somehow that word is best to describe what it's like for waiting on God. It is NOT an activity. It is not involving myself in a hundred different things hoping God will intervene. Obviously he's got it. He can do whatever he wants and intervene whenever time he wants. That's not what he wants. What he wants is us to look for my participation so that my feeble efforts are things that he can breathe upon so that he can make them supernaturally effective. The verse I use over and over again is out of Proverbs: The horse is prepared for the day of battle but the victory belongs to the Lord. I have to do everything I know how to do, train the horse, feed the horse for the day of the Lord in order to make the stage to be set for victory. The key is learning that God breathed on my efforts making them supernaturally effective. That is the key to this next season we are coming into; LEARNING on surrounding natural effort and focus for him to bring about the efforts for which we hope for and long for.

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