How do get to a place we can see? I learned this quite primarily many years ago. The Lord brought me to a place where I could not see. It was quite literally after my heart began to break, he ripped the cord right out of me. He gave me a hunger.... that wanted to look deep inside. He gave me a complete sense of audacity that I could barely even hinder. It was a hunger so deep inside of me that wanted to know more, to be more, to search more. To find out what this world was going to be...

When that hunger came ... it was a way for me to stop everything. The gut wrenching way in which I cringed to his morning glory. I didn't eat, I didn't think, I just became "be". Like a moment in time, that takes your breathe away with complete shock. The adrenaline inside of me ... that was surviving me... it helped me reach deep and to see in the spirit. With clarity and self governance. I didn't need anybody's opinion. I just needed to be "me". The Lord brought me there... but it wasn't after a cattle call.

Once a person achieves the inspiration a is touched by the divine Holy touch, then it brings you to a place where you coan step outside into your horse or you can dive back in to your amazing grace. Human opinion is what strangled humanity, but the Lord is what is deep within.

Never worry about people who don't act your way, they are merely growing through a different way. Like a loving father, they always come when they are loved differently.

We can't seek to change this race, unless we seek change our way we treat.

Our affections and way of understanding are only implemented through our abilities to love higher, love deeper, and love in person. We can't do anything for another believer if we don't first show them how truly loved they really are.

"You're Worth It all" by Chris Burns day.

Get in that presence, stayed glued, it comes right back to you in amazing grace....

Over the years it gets really easy. You just have to walk on your own forsheezee. L.

Proudest Monkey, Dave Mathews Band

Hippee phsyique.

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